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Timbaland Previews Full Version Of Tink’s “UFO” Featuring Andre 3000

*UPDATE: The clean CDQ of this song just dropped. Hear it below.

Whooooooooo!!!!! Last year, it was announced that Timbaland was investing in a social media app called Hang. It’s essentially for streaming live video, and few people gave a sh*t. But that might change after they hear “UFO.”

Recently, Timbo did his own little Hang session, and whoever was watching got hit with a huge treat – the nearly-full version of “UFO” by Tink and Andre 3000. It sounds like there’s another main male vocalist on the song, as Tink has a small part and Andre only has one verse. Sounds kinda like Future, right?

Either way, this sounds incredible. Timbo even admits at the end – “Tink bring out the best in me.”

Hear the song above. We’ll say it again – Tink is about to be a problem.

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