Amadeus Remembers Making Cam’ron’s “Take ‘Em To Church” 10 Years Later [VIDEO]

Cam'ron Purple Haze thumb

December 7, 2014  marks the 10-year anniversary Cam’ron’s hood classic, Purple Haze. One of the highlights of that album was the Amadeus produced “Take ‘Em To Church” where Killa was going at Ma$e. During his interview with WatchLOUD.com the now music director for Trey Songz remembers one of his first hits.

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“I sampled Steve Winwood—and normally I don’t remember samples that’s how special this is–I was making beats out of my living room in Yonkers making mad noise. I remember creating that beat and I got a phone call, I think it was an A&R from Roc-A-Fella saying Cam picked this beat and wants to use it for the album. The next day I got a call from Cam and he said ‘What’s goodie, I need the session…the joint is called ‘Take ‘Em To Church’ and I’m kinda join at Ma$e…’ I’m new so the whole battle rap and dissing thing…am I gonna get wrapped up in that? I just made the beat man. I like Ma$e, I grew up listening to him. So I tracked out the beat, mixed it, then I get a call from Def Jam a few weeks later saying they couldn’t clear the sample. I thought it was a rap but they said if you want we can put you in Sony studios to replay it. I wasn’t in love with the idea but if this is gonna allow me to make the album [I’ll do it]. I personally didn’t love the replay I did because there is nothing like sampling…but they put the original version on a Diplomats album on Koch.”

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