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Dr. Dre Is Building A 10,000 Square Foot Studio Under His Mansion. Is He Recording Detox?

dre crib

This is a tasty bit of news. Back in June, the L.A. Times reported Dr. Dre had purchased a ginormous mansion in Brentwood, California from Tom Brady and Gisele for a cool $40 mil. Now the Times say he isn’t stopping there – Dr. Dre is building a 10,000 square foot studio under that crib, too.

Features of the home include a library, a sauna, an infinity pool, waterfalls, nine bathrooms, and seven fireplaces.

But a 10,000 square foot studio is a huge addition. It makes us wonder…is Dre building a brand new studio to buckle down and finish Detox? Dre’s got money to blow, no doubt, but to build such a huge studio right under his residence isn’t a light move. It could mean Dre’s finally ready to finalize the album we’ve been waiting so long for. We’ll have to wait and see.

Check out pictures of Dre’s crib right here.

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