Chris Rock: “Anytime I Pick Up A Crack Pipe Warner Bros Gets A Check”


If you haven’t read or watched a recent Chris Rock interview, I don’t know what you’re doing on the internet. The comedic all-star has been on a tear promoting his up-coming film, Top 5 and his latest sit-down was with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and he was classic Rock.

In addition to plugging the great new dramedy, he cleared up a “beef” between he and co-host DJ Envy, who was not present. Their daughter’s played basketball against each other earlier this year and things got a little testy.

“DJ Envy coaches his daughter’s team and his daughter’s good,” Rock begins. “And there’s another kid on his team that’s like Shaq. She’s ridiculous and they’re beating my daughter’s team by 40. So there is three minutes left in the game, take Shaq out. I’m not saying lose the game but money, come one. Let the girls who don’t normally play, play. But he kept Shaq in the whole game.”

Afterward the girls on the team asked for a photo with Rock but Chris denied saying, “your coach is an a$$hole.”

Rock also talked about his other movies, explained why he couldn’t do his New Jack City character “Pookie” on “Saturday Night Live” and listed his top 5 DJs: DJ Jazzy  Jeff, Kid Capri Jam Master Jay, Grandmaster Flash and DJ Red Alert. Watch the full interview below.

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