Daylyt Has Some Words For Drake About His Man Diddy [VIDEO]


We all know Daylyt is one outspoken battle rapper. After finding about the supposed “fight” between Drake and Diddy at LIV this past weekend, the Cali native decided to issue his own words of warning towards the face of OVO Sounds. First of all, it’s clear who’s side Daylyt is on after claiming how “not soft” Diddy is with his “crip boyfriend.” After his suspect comments, he moved on to address Drake and his “type of goons” at OVO.

“If you lay a motherf**kin’ finger on my man, you gon’ have problems,” Daylyt said. “I don’t want nobody, I mean nobody, touching my son’s daddy or my son’s other daddy.”

Don’t let those words simmer for too long. The rest of his rant tops everything he said and his son’s reaction while sitting in the back watching his father say all of this is priceless. While the details of the supposed scuffle outside of Club LIV in Miami are not officially confirmed, Daylyt seems to have his mind made-up about where he stands with Diddy. Watch the video above to hear what he’s got to say.

“Diddy’s MY bitch!”


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