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Jay Electronica To President Obama: ‘Where’s Your Voice & Nuts?’


Jay Electronica’s rants in the past have usually been due to one too many drinks. However this rant sounded fueled by anger as he called out President Barack Obama in a series of tweets earlier today. The RocNation rapper expressed his opinion about the recent social issues that continues to plague the US stemming from the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases.

“@BarackObama I know as the president of the Usa you’re just a figurehead and can’t do much but damn man. where’s your voice and nuts?” the rapper tweeted.

While the favorites and retweets poured in, he continued to go off about black-on-black crimes and the founding of America. It’s clear that he feels that “peace ain’t gonna fall out of the sky.” Check out Jay Elect’s rant here. Do you agree with what he’s saying?

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