That Time Lil’ Wayne Announced He Was Signed To Def Jam

This is news to us. Most people know that around the time of Dedication 1, Wayne was in talks with Jay Z to potentially sign with Def Jam. He spoke about it on that mixtape, and he also told Elliott Wilson about it during his CRWN interview, but the details were vague and nobody really knew what happened. We just know it didn’t work out.

But in the video above, it seems like Wayne might have felt like he was signed to Def Jam at one point. At a concert in Jackson, Misssissippi around the time of the release date for The Carter II (2005), Weezy hopped on stage and officially announced he had signed with the label. “Next time you see me, I’ll be with the boy Jay Z.” That apparently turned out to be false.

Cash Money has always had a seedy reputation with royalties. Rumors of Drake suing the record label surfaced in 2012 and were quickly put to bed, but others like Curren$y and Bangladesh have taken leave from the label for various reasons. This video seems to confirm that Wayne believed himself to be a member of Def Jam. What could have been…

Watch the video of that time Lil’ Wayne announced he was signed to Def Jam above.

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