Floyd Mayweather Witnessed Rapper Earl Hayes Shoot His Girlfriend On FaceTime


Floyd Mayweather is really going through it. The Money Team CEO was apparently on FaceTime two nights ago with Rapper Earl Hayes when he killed his girlfriend Stephanie Mosley Monday night. After finding out the VH-1 star was unfaithful, Hayes went into a rage and shot Mosley and himself soon after.

Hayes was a rapper and producer signed to Mayweather’s record label. Not only was Mosley a star on Vh1’s “Hit The Floor,” but she also worked as a back-up dancer for big names like Janet Jackson, Chris brown and more. He and Mosley were in the midst of a break-up when he found out that Mosley had been messing around with a famous R&B singer.

Mayweather came forward as an official witness to the murder-suicide and claims he was on FaceTime with Hayes at the time. Mayweather said that Hayes was telling him all the ways he was going to kill Mosley and the boxer did everything he could to calm him down. While he won’t disclose how much he saw, Mayweather claims that he heard the gunshots Hayes fired at Mosley and then on himself. In light of the horrifying tragedy, ex-business partner 50 Cent has squashed his beef with Mayweather and offered his condolences.

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