Royce Da 5′ 9″ Remembers Ugly Strippers & Shouting Out Rihanna On “Highly Questionable”

Royce Da 5′ 9″ made a promo stop for his new album PRhyme at ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” and answered a series of questions about everything from his wildest nights in the recording studio to reconciling with D-12’s Proof (RIP).

Royce employed the agility of Neo in The Matrix, curving some of the potentially lethal questions about Rihanna and strippers in the studio. Royce is married to his High School sweetheart and would like to stay that way we presume.

First time partying with an athlete he was a fan of…

“Shooting a video at Jerry Stackhouse’s house in 2001. W whole lot of casted video girls from Toronto, a whole lot of exotic dancers and it turned into a big party…”

Shouting out Rihanna at the 2001 BET Awards…

“I just wanted to tell Rihanna hi…The plan was to say hi to the young lady. I met her backstage, actually side stage…The Monster Tour shows I wasn’t able to catch her but she follows me on Instagram. We’re still in a relationship, she just doesn’t know it.”

Reconciling with Proof

“Just being young and having disagreements. There was disdain between myself and D-12 for many years and when we finally met we were able to express some things. The only problem is we both pulled out weapons and reconciled in jail.”

Craziest night he’s ever had in a recording studio…

“I’d have to go back to 1999/2000 we did a big session…we had this big session where he had about 30 people in the room and we invited strippers…needless to say no work got done. And the strippers were very, very unattractive. There were like eight of them…”

We salute you Nickel for fighting the good fight. Watch the full video above.

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