Kendrick Lamar Delivers A Powerful Verse In New Reebok Ad

Kendrick Lamar and Reebok have joined forces for a new partnership. The TDE rapper got with acclaimed director Anthony Mandler to take us on a journey through Kendrick’s hometown, Compton. The video celebrates the limitless potential of youth and is narrated by Kendrick through a powerful verse titled “Kendrick Lamar – I Am.”

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K. dot recites his own personal ode to Compton in areas in his neighborhood that were personal to him while rocking a dope pair of Reebok Ventilators. But will the endorsement deal afflict his previous loyalty to Nike? He’s usually caught out rocking his Cortez’ and Roshe’s but it looks like he’s going to have to put them back in his closet for some time until the Reebok wave is over. Watch Kendrick’s powerful verse in Reebok’s new ad here.

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