Action Bronson & Prodigy Are On Deck For ‘The Rap Monument’

The Rap Monument is close to making it’s official debut. The 30-minute track will feature an army of talented rappers and today we get to hear Action Bronson and Prodigy’s verse. Bam Bam brings the heat with his verse, which was produced by the beat wizard Hudson Mohawke, Nick Hook and S-Type. Prodigy also jumps on the Mohawke, Hook & S-Type beat with his verse and adds to the epic turn-up that the monumental record will cause.

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The Rap Monument will feature over 30 rappers from three major cities. Rappers like Pusha T, Young Thug, Bodega Bamz, Killer Mike, YG and plenty more. The “bricks” continue to build and once they’ve revealed all the verses, they will release the final track. Check out Action Bronson and Prodigy’s verse here.

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