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J. Cole Performs “Be Free” On David Letterman, Adds New Verse

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Last night, J. Cole went on David Letterman and added a brand new verse to “Be Free,” a song left off 2014 Forest Hills Drive. He released the track in the wake of the Mike Brown decision, and ever since then, it seems like he’s added an extra verse.

Watch as J. Cole performs “Be Free” above and then read his new verse below.

Forget this chain ’cause this ain’t me,
Though I’m eternally grateful to Jay Z,
So elated we celebrated like Obama waited until his last day in office to tell the nation brothers is getting their reparations, hey…
A man can dream, can’t he?
No disrespect in terms of change, I haven’t seen any,
Maybe he had good intentions but was stifled by the system and was sad to learn he actually couldn’t bring any,
That’s what I get for thinking,
This world is fair, they let a brother steer the ship and never told ’em that the ship was sinking,
But I got other shit to think about…like my bank account,
Forget that watch, you paid too much for it, you oughta be ashamed,
When brothers back home be dreaded when the seasons change,
‘Cause they ain’t got no heat, and they ain’t got no AC,
Wal-Mart distribution find my homie he just had a baby,
You wonder why it’s been so many B&E’s lately,
Why brothers from the hood shootin’ like this is TNT lately?
And since all the ballers leavin’ college early
I turn on the TV and don’t see no brothers with degrees lately

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