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10 Things We Learned From Nicki Minaj’s CRWN Interview

Maybe you’ve heard – last night’s #CRWN XV with Elliott Wilson and Nicki Minaj was the single greatest CRWN in the history of the series. There were no limits to their conversation – in fact, the night started with Nicki jumping right into her little cousin’s death, which gave her pause and immediately made the room so silent, you could hear a pin drop.

From there, the discussion took dips, dives, and turns. She discussed Lil’ Wayne’s situation at Young Money, her on-and-off relationship with her mother, why she doesn’t feel like she’s gotten the respect she deserves in the past, and much, much more.

We’ve got the full interview coming at you this week, but for now, peep 10 Things We Learned From Nicki Minaj’s CRWN Interview.

1. When she came to America from Trinidad with her brother, they were made fun of heavily because of their accents.

nicki 1

2. In fact, Nicki’s brother was made fun of so badly, he went after his bullies with a knife one day. They never bothered him after that.

nicki 2

3. When Nicki was young, her mother left her and her brother in Trinidad to come to America. Once Nicki joined her in the states, she would always chase after her mom’s car when she left the house because Nicki thought she’d never come back.

nicki 3

4. Nicki drove down to Atlanta with her then “friend” Safaree with about $2,000 to her name. She was, however, booking shows down South at the time.

nicki 4

5. She says certain people only accepted her verse on “Monster” because Kanye West and Jay Z were on it.

nicki 5

6. Nicki also says after she did her verse for “Monster,” Kanye told her she could do better and pushed her to improve, so she wrote a second verse – the one we all know today.

nicki 6

 7. Nicki was always a fan of Jay Z’s music because she “knew he was smart.”

nicki 7

8. Nicki admits that Young Money is a dysfunctional family full of geniuses, icons, and legends.

nicki 8

9. Lil’ Wayne once called Nicki and told her she was kicked out of Young Money. She sent him a heartfelt email after, and they patched things up.

nicki 9

10. When she made “Anaconda,” Nicki wasn’t aiming for the charts.

nicki 10

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