Watch Kenan Thompson As Sump’n Claus On SNL [VIDEO]

He’s got a list, but he doesn’t check it twice. Barely. When you do something bad like shoot out your ex’s tires or attack your boss, your name is removed from Santa’s official gift list. But that’s where Sump’n Claus comes in. The long-lost relative of St. Nick is making his rounds this holiday season to hook up those who have been stricken off the good list.

While those on Santa’s list are getting the gifts they’ve wanted all year, Sump’n Claus is giving out c-notes like it’s candy. So if you’re feeling the urge commit some crimes right before Christmas, don’t worry about seeing any coal under your tree. As Sump’n Claus would say, “Go ahead. Be naughty. I got you.”

Watch the video here.

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