Lil Wayne’s New Face Tattoos Inspired By Egyptian God


Although Lil Wayne has been dealing with some internal problems with Cash Money Records, that doesn’t stop him from getting some fresh ink. Over the weekend, the Young Money founder hit up a tattoo parlor in California and got not just one but two new face tats that have sparked up some interesting conversation. One tat is located above his left eye brow and on his chin.

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The first tat is an Arabic quote and the second one on his chin closely resembles the “Eye Of Providence” or “All Seeing Eye” that’s commonly found on the back of the dollar bill. The eye has been tied to the Egyptian symbol “Eye of Horus,” which means wisdom, protection, and good health. However, there will be conspiracy theorists out there that will link his new tat to Illuminati’s New World Order like they’ve done to other artists in the past like Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Jay Z.

Check out the photos of his new tats courtesy of All Hip Hop/LWHQ



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