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LL Cool J & Canibus Squash Beef At Brooklyn Concert [VIDEO]

LL Cool J and Canibus have finally reconciled after nearly 20 years of beefing. They resolved their long-lasting feud live on stage at the Barclays during Hot 97’s “Christmas In Brooklyn,” which had L and Run DMC as the headliners. During the veteran Def Jam rapper’s set, Canibus came on stage and performed his verse on “4,3,2,1.” That’s when they announced the end of their beef.

“Had a lot of beefs in my life but sometimes we gotta be bigger than that, sometimes you got to take things to the next level, sometimes we gotta flip the script,” LL Cool J said. “Yo, Canibus.. I love you, boy… Your career is starting again, baby.”

They’ve come a long way since their initial beef which started back in the late ’90s. LL had Canibus each threw down a verse on his track “4,3,2,1” off his seventh album Phenomenon. Canibus opened his verse with “Yo L, Is that a mic on your arm? Let me borrow that.” After taking offense to the lyric, L asked him to re-record the verse to stay on the song.

Canibus did but included another subliminal shot that made the final version. “I’m the illest nigga alive, watch me prove it / I snatch your crown witcha head still attached to it.” L ended up firing his own shots in his verse on the same track. Several diss tracks from both rappers surfaced after the song was released that would fuel an on-going battle that lasted almost 20 years. Check out the video of LL and ‘Bis ending their beef on stage here.

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