This “Marvel vs D.C” Trailer Is When Fake Stuff Goes Right

Fan fiction has evolved into video that is so compelling that it’s hard to imagine that movie studios aren’t taking notice. Youtuber Alex Luthor has pieced together the ultimate “What if?” when the Marvel and D.C. universes collide for an epic battle.

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“The theory holds that anything that can happen will happen, if not in this reality than the next one,” it posits in an opening monologue. When Tony Starks asks into the darkness, “Who the hell are you?” and is answered by Batman, “Someone like you” we dare you not to smile. And if watching Green Arrow go head up with Hawkeye, Loki vs The Joker and The Hulk rag dolling Superman doesn’t win you over, we politely invite you to disconnect your internet service and log out of life.

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