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Pusha T on Kanye West: “He Makes A Whole New Song With Your Vocals After You Are Done.”


Pusha T recently dropped his newest single, “Lunch Money,” and the beat Kanye West put on it has mystified some. We think it knocks, but it isn’t what we’re used to from the Chitown genius.

Recently, Pusha gave an interview with Forbes Magazine and shined some light on Ye’s production process. What he said is a little surprising, and while Pusha didn’t pass any judgment on whether he approves of Kanye’s method, it wouldn’t surprise us if West ran into trouble with other artists in the past. Below is the excerpt from Forbes:

“He makes a whole new song with your vocals after you are done. After you are married to it and love it, he takes your song and does a whole 360 with the beat then gives it back to you and tells you that’s your record, bud. That’s the process,” explains Pusha. “We’ll go in the studio together and he asks me what part of the beat that I like, and then he’ll loop that part of the beat and I’ll go right to that and I’ll record to that and give that back to him. Bye bye song, bye bye what I fell in love with-” Pusha cups his hand to wave goodbye to the audio file- “Because it ain’t coming back the same.”

Read the whole Forbes x Pusha T interview right here.

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