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T.I. Defends Iggy Azalea – “It Could Be A Lot Worse”


Iggy Azalea has remained eerily silent ever since Q-Tip gave her a hip-hop history lesson, but T.I., who signed Iggy to his Grand Hustle Records back in 2012, has decided to speak up for the Australian rapper after Azealia Banks lashed out at her in an interview with Ebro and Peter Rosenberg.

T.I. claims that while he understands where Q-Tip is coming from, he also believes black people in hip-hop are paranoid when it comes to whites in hip-hop. Some people have wondered why T.I. needed to speak up for Iggy Azalea, who is presumably a grown woman with the ability to articulate her own thoughts, in the first place. She hasn’t tweeted since Dec. 19.

Below are his full series of tweets. Do you agree with T.I.? Let us know in the comments below.

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