Petty, “I Can’t Breathe” f/ Samuel L. Jackson

When I first heard Nashville MC Petty on his EP produced by The Stuyvesants, Short But Sweet, I knew that he was something special. After a bit of a hiatus he’s back not wasting a single bar on the track “I Can’t Breathe” inspired by on-going protests against police brutality in America.

The timely clip is a montage of movie clips from Do The Right Thing, protests in Ferguson and across the country juxtaposed with the ALS Ice Bucket challenge videos that swept through social media and Hollywood this past summer.

“I’m no target practice/mastered the art of partin’ the masses/ bravo/ first we follow then we fall..low/ to the point where we can’t stand up straight/officer did I put my hands up late?/ we desperate for a superficial fix/ and we turned the GPS’s off/ learn to redirect the lost..”

It ends with the challenge from Samuel L. Jackson to sing the “We Ain’t Gonna Stop Til People Are Free” song and a message from Orlando Jones to give the deaths of Black Americans at the hands of law enforcement the same attention as ALS. It’s really powerful stuff and should not be ignored. Follow Petty on Twitter at @petty615.

Prod. By Zuki Mondunkwu
Directed by: Petty
Edited by: Devo B. (@DevynBetancourt)


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