Missouri Teen Antonio Martin Shot & Killed By Police [VIDEO]


18-year-old Antonio Martin was shot and killed by police at a Mobil gas station in Berkeley, Missouri late Tuesday night. Police alleged that Martin pointed a gun at officers and was fatally wounded when officers fired on him.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar lead a press conference on Wednesday morning outlining the department’s version of events.

A 34-year-old white officer—whose name is being withheld—arrived at the scene at approximately 11:15 pm responding to a call about a robbery. The officer approached two men and called them over to his vehicle. A conversation ensued and one of the men raised his hands allegedly pointed a gun a the officer. The officer responded by firing three shots, one of which struck and fatally wounded Martin.

The officer in question was issued a body camera earlier that night but did not wear it and the dashboard camera on his cruiser was not recording because the car’s emergency lights had not been activated.

Following the shooting, approximately 200 to 300 people gathered at the gas station to protest. Martin’s mother Toni arrived on the scene and was distraught and says that it was Martin’s girlfriend that was with him. Other accounts say that Martin was breathing after being shot, but Police did not call paramedics.

Officers say they have recovered the 9mm pistol Martin was allegedly holding. But skeptics are pointing out discrepancies between the footage on the scene at 11:44 and 1:32 am.

Any and all information being presented is being questioned because one Twitter user duped TheHuffingtonPost into believing that he was a friend of Antonio Martin and was present at the shooting. He was found to be pulling an elaborate prank.

More on this story as it develops.

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