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Thousands of Lil’ B Fans Storm Downtown L.A. Theater For Free Concert

Yesterday, on Friday, Dec. 26th, Berkeley, California rapper Lil’ B had a surprise performance with Trash Talk at the Regent Theater in downtown L.A. NBC LA reports that Lil’ B promoted the concert on social media, but nothing on his Twitter points to an official announcement, and he hasn’t been allowed to post to Facebook since getting suspended recently.

Nonetheless, thousands of fans allegedly began lining up for the RSVP show at around 10:00 PM. The Regent Theater only holds about 450 people, and when rabid Based God fans were turned away, they apparently started going ballistic. Some tried to break entrance doors down, while others began throwing rocks and bottles at police.

Officers arrived in riot gear and ended up arresting five people for throwing bottles at police, failing to disperse, and alcohol-related charges. The crowd eventually dissipated and the show went off without any further trouble.

Thundercat, Earl Sweatshirt, Speakz, and other rappers were supposedly in attendance.

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