Meet Me In Temecula: Twitter Beef Over Basketball Spawns Diss Record


The singularity is near. One of the most bizarre Twitter exchanges on Christmas Day made its way to ESPN and now has given birth to a diss record.  A heated debate between @mytweetsrealaf and @snottiedrippen about Russell Westbrook and Kobe Bryant lead to the former challenging the latter to a physical fight, “I’m real enough to meet, and beat your ass. How’s Temecula sound?” Drippen responded later, “Fuck it. Let’s go loser. Temecula.”

Drippen was actually in Arizona according to his Tweets and didn’t drive to Temecula. However, MrTRAF DID and was not pleased about being stood up for a proper round of fisticuffs. The exchange even made its way to ESPN courtesy of BlackSportsOnline.

“Before anyone drives to Temecula to try and fight me about this,” said ESPN NBA analyst Amin Elhassan. “Kobe’s still a talent, he’s just gotta find a way to fit his game with everybody else’s.”

Things had appeared to die down until tonight when @MyTweetsRealAsFuck dropped a diss record towards Drippen called none other than, “Meet Me In Temecula.”

“It’s not over until I say it’s over,” he wrote. “Somebody tell Snotbox it’s over now. You can’t block the streets…”


Drippen has made note of the track on Twitter but has no immediate plans to respond with his own.

You win 2014. No mas. No Mas.

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