Grandmaster Caz Details DJ Kool Herc’s Influence & Early DJ Culture [VIDEO]

To be a DJ in this generation has become a lot easier than back in the 1970s. The early days of deejaying was based on a lot more than just a dope moniker or thousands of social media followers. No one could explain the beginning culture of deejaying better than one of the pioneers who experienced it all. Grandmaster Caz has been called an inspiration by veteran DJ’s like Funkmaster Flex. In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Caz let’s us in on what it took to become a successful DJ back in the days.

“The vinyl, that was the easy part,” Caz said when asked about having to buy vinyls as opposed to today’s easier Serato system. “It was the sound system. How many people had that kind of equipment? The equipment that Kool Herc played on was way before its time.”

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Caz states how DJ Kool Herc, the DJ who spearheaded the hip-hop movement, basically set the standard for all aspiring deejays. He also explained how expensive it was to cop both vinyls and the proper sound equipment in order to be a popping DJ in the streets. But it wasn’t just the equipment that made a DJ legit. Caz said that the best records and one’s overall record collection had to be top-notch in order to play in the big leagues.

“Your value as a deejay was the records that you had,” he said. “What do you have that he don’t have? What makes you different from that next deejay? And that’s what it was about. First it’s the sound system and once you establish that you have to be the deejay with the top music. You have to have the best records.”

Watch the interview here.

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