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Kool Moe Dee’s Entire Catalogue Is On Sale For $36,000 Right Now

UPDATE: We got Kool Moe Dee to comment on this story and you can read the full interview HERE

When Rae Sremmurd said, “Kool Moe Dee, five chains on” on “No Type,” you would have thought Kool Moe Dee’s stock in today’s industry would rise. Starting his career as a member of The Treacherous Three, Moe Dee quickly became one of the most important rappers on the scene in the ’80s, and today he’s recognized as one of the founding fathers of hip-hop. He’s especially renowned for his innovative double time flow, the first of its kind within rap music.

But in 2014, when everything is dictated by the market, it doesn’t seem Kool Moe Dee’s music holds much value anymore. A recent entry on a website called Royalty Exchange, where royalty owners can sell rights to songs, films, or other media they’ve acquired, shows 100% of Kool Moe Dee’s catalogue is up for auction, and the asking price is only $36,000 as of right now.

Part of the description for the auction reads, “Bid 100% of KoolMoeDee’s BMI writers share, consisting of 135 earning titles.” There’s approximately 16 days left to bid, so if you want to own Kool Moe Dee’s entire catalogue, now’s your chance.

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