That Time Ludacris’ DJ Almost Got Him Killed In Brazil [VIDEO]

When you’ve toured and performed as much as Ludacris you’re bound to have some crazy stories. During a sit-down with, the rapper and actor spun off a few yarns, including a time he was in the ‘hood of Brazil and almost didn’t make it out alive.

“We was in Brazil and were supposed to be taping this show, but some of these places are so poor they damn near govern themselves,” he begins. “We start entering this place, there is one way in and one way out just like the jungle…I’m busy shaking hands….then they basically tell me we’re not gonna be able to shoot. So we gathered everybody up and it was only right and respectful for me to go to the head dude and say thank you for allowing us in here.”

The problem is that Ludacris’ DJ Jaycee didn’t act the same way. When one of the locals extended his hand to shake, he didn’t reciprocate and before you know it, guns were drawn. Jaycee gave his side on Twitter.


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