Lord Jamar Says There’s No Difference Between Macklemore & Eminem [VIDEO]

The race issue has blown up within the hip-hop community over the past couple weeks. Since Azaelia Banks, Q-Tip, and Macklemore have joined in on the conversation, it’s only customary to hear what Lord Jamar has to say about all of this. Recently, VLAD TV sat down with Jamar and discussed the hot topic involving cultural appropriation amongst white rappers like Macklemore, Eminem and Iggy Azalea.

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When asked how he felt about people’s opinions on differentiating Eminem and Macklemore, Jamar believes there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be considered in the same bracket. He says that they do “the same thing” and doesn’t think that Em’s skill has anything to do with the argument.

“Why not be thrown in with them [white rappers]?” said Jamar. “They’re all white. They’re all white people that do black music. What? What’s so different about him?”

While Jamar agrees that Em is more skilled than the other white rappers, he still think that the Shady Records CEO is not the most skilled emcee he’s ever heard. He said that he was a fan of Em when he first broke onto the scene, but now he’s not “feeling him.” Watch what else Lord Jamar had to say in full above.

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