Jameis Winston’s Fumble Almost Broke The Internet


It was a crazy end to an seemingly successful season for Florida State University. The Seminoles took on Oregon during the Rose Bowl and got wrecked 59-20. There was a chance for FSU to catch up during the playoff semifinal, but those hopes were crushed by Jameis Winston in less than three seconds. Winston ran with the ball to dodge the blitz from Oregon and made the most embarrassing fumble of the season.

The Internet went wild. There was absolutely no chill after that fumble, which led to another Oregon touchdown. Trolls went in with a plethora of memes, videos and tweets that would probably have Winston’s grandmother laughing uncontrollably. Lance Stephenson’s infamous ear-blowing move made its return to social media with a hilarious explanation why Winston fumbled. It’s bad when Arby’s even took a jab at the Seminole’s quarterback.

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