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Tanya Morgan Release EP, 12 Minutes At Karriem’s


Tanya Morgan, the duo of MC/producers Von Pea and Donwill are good for dropping sh*t like pigeons out of nowhere. Inspiration seems to hit these guys at will and they don’t hesitate to share their creations with the world. Their latest collection is a 6-track EP called 12 Minutes At Karriems, inspired by music by DJ producer Karriem Riggins.

“We borrowed a few beats from ‘Alone Together’ by Karriem Riggin’s and put together a quick little EP,” they wrote in a statement. “Consider ’12 Minutes At Karriem’s’ as a late Christmas gift from us to you. We would have got it to you sooner but as you can see from the cover we stopped at Bojangles and they told us it we’d have to wait a few extra minutes for fresh fries.”

The project comes on the heels of Von Pea’s late 2014 project with The Other Guys To:You,  and Don’s solo Don Speaks.

Stream it below:

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