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Earl Sweatshirt Mocks Rappers On His New Single, “silenceDArapgame” [LISTEN]


Earl Sweatshirt seems to like releasing his new music in weird ways as of recent. First, he previewed “DARQ LOVE” on his secret Youtube page, then he dropped “45” with Alchemist on the same account, and now he’s taken to a Soundcloud account named “important_man464” to drop “silenceDArapgame” with OG Juan as they join up to form HOG SLAUGHTA BOYZ.

Clearly, “DARQ LOVE” and “silenceDArapgame” are jokes. Earl likes to sneer at current rap trends of the day, and Tyler the Creator himself even posed as Young N*gga for his own parody video. It’s part of the Odd Future attitude.

While it’s funny, it also makes you wonder what Earl’s new music sounds like. He gives occasional updates on what he thinks about the music he’s been recording via Twitter, and while “45” was earnestly dope, this one is cheeky in a critical way.

Listen to the song above and let us know what you think. Who is Earl making fun of?

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