Onyx Says They’re “The New Run DMC” [VIDEO]

Onyx sat down with VLAD TV to discuss what they feel about the game today and said that they’re like the new Run DMC of this generation. When asked about their desire to be accepted by mainstream, Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz simply said they didn’t want to be accepted. They discussed how their ability to perform with other acts make their shows memorable just like Run DMC in their prime.

“We don’t have a core audience and we do get accepted on any stage,” said Starr. “I feel that we are one of the last American rap groups. We are the new Run DMC. What I mean by that is that you could put us on a stage for an hour. I don’t care if its a rock concert, an EDM concert, whatever. We’re going to entertain you for an hour and we got a couple of hits to go with that.”

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The Queens rappers also commented on the sound of hip-hop, which they think hasn’t progressed in at least three years. They also spoke about the recent feminine fashion trends that have broken out onto the scene amongst rappers. Sticky Fingaz says that he doesn’t care at all. Since people used to hate on their baggy clothes when Onyx first started in the game, he says that it’s all “coming to full circle.”

Watch the interview here.

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