Arsonal To Snoop Dogg: “I’m God of Battle Rap.” [VIDEO]

Battle rap veteran Arsonal sat down with one of his idols Snoop Dogg for another installment of his GGN series. The Total Slaughter competitor told Uncle Snoop about his rise to fame in the battle rap game, from his older cousin first putting him on to his big break on 106th & Park back in 2004. Later on, Arsonal said that he was the king of battle rap. But after Snoop said there are many kings in battle rap world, the Newark rapper corrected himself.

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“You’re right, there are many kings. I’m God of battle rap,” said Arsonal. “Them niggas can be the kings, and the jacks, and the aces, and all that cool shit in the kingdom. I’m off of Earth. I’m that nigga when it comes to this shit. I don’t need no crown, I’m Nino Brown.”

Arsonal went on to talk about bringing battle rap culture to life on stage at last year’s BET Hip Hop Awards along with Murda Mook, Couture, and Calicoe. During the weekend of the award show’s taping, Arsonal also battled John John Da Don at Uncle Snoop’s “Gladiator School” hosted by him and Murda Mook. Watch as Arsonal spits hot fire throughout the new episode here.

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