ESPN Didn’t Want Stuart Scott Using His Catchphrases At First [VIDEO]

Last night, Keith Olbermann told an incredible story about Stuart Scott standing up to ESPN executives early in his career. When he began using his now infamous catchphrases, a higher-up called him into a meeting and told him he found the language inappropriate, and he wanted it to stop. Scott thought otherwise.

Instead of sensationalizing the situation, Scott wrote a blog on the early version of congratulating the network and thanking them for accepting his unconventional linguistic style. It was, in essence, a power move – he appealed to his employer in the public arena, making him nearly invincible to the people that mattered: readers and viewers.

Now, in the shadow of his passing, we’re realizing just how important Scott was, not only to ESPN, but to American culture as a whole. If he hadn’t stood up to the ESPN exec that day, we might have never seen him at his full potential, but that was just a part of who he was.

Watch Olbermann tell the story above.

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