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Quavo Of Migos: “To Compare Us To The Beatles – We Doing The Same Thing”

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Today, Vulture published an interview with Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff – better known as Migos. There hasn’t been a hit from that camp in a minute, but the trio seemed cool, calm and collected as they answered questions about fake beefs and future plans.

One comment that sticks out in the interview is when the group is asked about the recent comparisons to The Beatles, mostly on Twitter. Quavo’s response is as confident as ever:

“It’s a blessing, and when you feel the power from the blessing, you know the blessing came fast and on time. To compare us to the Beatles—we doing the same thing. When we both came out, we broke the ground and changed the game, and we changed the way people flow. It’s like comparing Kobe to Jordan. They all got rings; the Beatles got something we need. Actually, it’s like comparing LeBron to Jordan. LeBron got his rings a little later, so wait until we get rings. To be compared to the Beatles right now is like letting us know we are going to win championships like them.”

Read the whole interview over at Vulture.

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