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Iggy Azalea On Twerking: “I Think It’s Time For It To Be Over”

iggy twerk

I immediately clicked on Vanity Fair’s new interview with Iggy Azalea, because I would’ve bet $100 without even reading it that Iggy said something insufferable. And I was right.

In her short discussion with Lisa Robinson, Iggy talks about how “Fancy” changed her life, wearing the same pair of shoes for two years, and how Macklemore doesn’t get the same criticism she gets (sigh).

But the best (worst?) part of the interview comes when Robinson asks the Aussie MC why she doesn’t twerk on-stage as much as she used to.

“Sometimes things become part of pop culture,” responded Iggy, “but they run their course. I think it’s time for it to be over.”

White people really are something, aren’t we? Iggy co-opted twerking, made it a centerpiece of her shows, and now wants to discard it. Guess she’s had enough of *that* facet of black culture.

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