Lil Jon Reacts To 2015 Coachella Lineup [VIDEO]


There is a running joke that there are people with voices so engaging that you could sit and listen to them read a phonebook. Well, FunnyorDie took that notion to the X-Games level and had rapper/producer Lil Jon read off the 2015 Coachella lineup in the way only he could.

Everyone from AC/DC to Raekwon and Ghostface will be converging on the Empire Polo Club in Indio California this April for the six-day music festival spanning two weekends, but there are some bands that we–and Lil Jon–aren’t as familiar with.

“Panda Bear! Coachella is no place for a motherf*ckin Panda Bear,” he screams between sips of tea. “Claude Von Stroke! Sounds like a terrible porno name!”

Watch the full clip below and see the full Coachella lineup here.

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