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Philly Rapper Cool C Will Not Be Executed Tomorrow As Scheduled

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Everyone was gearing up for the Philly rapper Cool C to meet his maker tomorrow, January 8th, 2015, but he’s off the hook for now.

NBC Philadelphia reports that the rapper born Christopher Roney, sentenced to death for the murder of police officer Lauretha Vaird almost 20 years ago, has been granted a stay of execution, his second since 2006. Philly Judge L. Felipe Restrepo allowed for the extension of Cool C’s execution. Roney is best known for his 1989 hit “Glamorous Life” from his debut album, I Gotta Habit. 

On the morning of January 2nd, 1996, Cool C attempted to rob a PNC bank in Philadelphia with fellow rappers Ernest Canty and Warren McGlone. When Officer Vaird arrived and entered the bank, Roney fired and hit her in the abdomen. According to officials, all three men fled the scene, and police said Roney continued firing as he ran towards a getaway car.

In court, Canty and McGlone gave testimony that matched eyewitness accounts and pointed to Roney as the shooter. To this very day, Roney insists he is innocent. He was found guilty of murder on Oct. 30, 1996 and two days later he was sentenced to death.

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