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Tray Chaney Has A Message For Students & Parents In “Attendance” [VIDEO]

Rapper/actor Tray Chaney took an educational route for his latest visual. The man who played “Poot” on HBO’s “The Wire” is now preaching to kids everywhere about the benefits of attending and staying in school to learn about the world around us. Directed by Champ, the visual was filmed on site at the Maryland Academy Of Technology & Health Science Charter School in Baltimore.

“Attendance is the motivational, inspirational hip-hop video educating young people to always be present in school unless its an emergency,” said Chaney. “Take education serious.”

The song also encourages parents to keep their children in school as advice from one parent to another. The dope beat and inspirational lyrics stick to educational theme of his latest project The Curriculum. “Attendance” is definitely something the parents will want their kids to hear. Check out the video here and look out for Chaney’s EP on iTunes available now.

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