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VH1 Is Making A Movie Out Of One Of The Greatest Hip-Hop Books Ever


In 2011, author Dan Charnas wrote the definitive book, called The Big Payback, on the history of business in hip-hop since the art form’s birth. Four years later, VH1 has decided to adapt the book for an original movie called The Breaks. 

THR reports that the story involves three friends in New York during the ’90s. All three love hip-hop, and all three want to make it in the industry. In their journey, each friends faces obstacles like difficult DJs and rappers/drug dealers.

Charnas is a co-executive producer on the fillm and helped adapt the book into a script. Seith Mann, who has directed shows like The Wire and Walking Dead, will pen the script and direct the film.

Charnas told us how The Breaks will differ from other hip-hop movies:

“The Breaks” isn’t about the present. Rather, it’s about a moment in our history that created the present. It was the moment that hip-hop could have gone one way or gone another. What “The Big Payback” tried to do was tell the story of why it went the way it did. And “The Breaks” will tell that story in dramatic fashion.”

If the film is successful, VH1 has the option to spin it off into a series. Congrats to Dan, and if you haven’t read the book, cop that ASAP.

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