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Heems of Das Racist Drops Quirky, Energetic New Single “Sometimes”

Heems has been on a musical sabbatical since dropping Wild Water Kingdom in 2012, but now he’s prepping his official debut solo album, Eat, Pray, Thug, and the first single is “Sometimes,” which you can hear above.

Produced by Gordon Voidwell, “Sometimes” is almost dance music in it’s tempo, and Heems has a liquified flow throughout the techno-influenced track. He had the following to say about the song:

“Sometimes” is about dualities, identity and the space between spaces. Like so many other people, as a first generation South Asian in the U.S. I often felt like I lived two lives, an Indian one and an American one. I lived, at once, in and between two spaces and outside them as well. On another level, I also often felt like in America I lived in the space between black and white. Dualities are normal though. As fun as rap is, I can’t always feel happy. Sometimes I feel sad too. It also pays homage to hip-hop before me with cadences referencing both Nice and Smooth and Busta Rhymes.”

Spin the new Heems single above. Is this shit hot or what? Eat, Pray, Thug drops March 10 via Megaforce.

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