J.R. Smith’s Top 5 Off-Court Moments As A Knick


Words by Preezy

After a volatile three-year run, NBA shooter J.R. Smith was traded by MSG brass to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  While he set a Knicks record for 3-point shots made in a game, his most memorable moments were off the court.

Here are the top 5.

5. The DM

Social Media might as well be a quasi-dating app, with a number of internet-savvy people using non-traditional platforms such as Twitter for everything from potential no-strings-attached hook-ups to possibly finding that special someone. And this doesn’t just apply to regular tweeps like us, but to millionaire athletes and entertainers as well. One of the more popular social medial socialites is JR Smith, who is known as an avid Twitter and Instagram user and popular for communicating with fans of #Teamswish from time to time.

One of these interactions was more naughty than nice, as Smith found himself in the DM’s of an extremely attractive young lady. After a short exchange, JR cut directly to the chase, bluntly asking the 18 year old and then high school student if she was “trying to get the pipe,” which is slang for having relations, if you weren’t aware. The DM was screen-shotted by the female in question and Twitter trolls and comedians quickly got to work, creating the hashtag #YouTryingToGetThePipe, and having a field-day with the jokes and slander, as well as JR’s brazen effort being an example of the credo that ” real shooters shoot,” on and off the court.


4. Twitter Beef With Brandon Jennings

Coming off of a career year in which he had evolved into a dependable spark plug off the bench for the Knicks and was christened the 6th Man Of The Year for the previous NBA season, JR Smith was an unrestricted free agent during the summer of 2013. Looking to keep the talented gunner in the five boroughs, the Knicks brass may or may not have promised to pick up Smith’s younger brother, former Louisville Cardinals guard Chris Smith, from the Knicks’ summer league squad and give him a spot on the 12-Man NBA roster. The fact that the younger Smith was a marginal player at best and undeserving of stepping on a court, many pundits smelled something fishy about the situation to say the least.

Being that Twitter is a free-for-all of no-holds-barred commentary, random basketball junkies and trolls got in on their own share of shots, calling out Smith for his alleged nepotism and his baby bro’s lack of skills. Among the hecklers was Detroit Piston point guard Brandon Jennings, who tweeted a slanderous commented directed toward the Smith Brothers before deleting it. Well, as we all know, even if you delete a tweet, once it’s out in the universe, there’s no turning back. Well, word got back to JR, who took umbrage to Jennings’ critique, responding with his own tweets clowning him for deleting his tweets and advising the lefty from Cali to mind his own business, before all but threatening him with physical violence.

Obviously not about that life, the shoot-first PG responded with a lighthearted tweet in an attempt to diffuse the situation, explaining that his tweet was in jest and not meant to be taken personally. But in JR’s eyes, the damage was already done and there would be no peace treaty on his end, with Smith responding with another tweet exposing him for getting cooked by former Kansas standout Josh Selby in a D.C. summer league game. Completely sonning Jennings within the course of three tweets, JR took the exchange as an opportunity to embrace his inner-goon, showcasing a virtual ice-grill that would make the livest internet thug proud.


3. Catching The Fade

We’re not fond of promoting violence over here at Watchloud, but being that we’re a budding staple of online media, we are more than familiar with our favorite artists and athletes catching the dreaded “fade.” New York City may be the media and sports capital of the world and regarded as a big city by most, true New Yorkers know that the town is smaller than you believe and running into anyone or anything on any given day. And being that New Yorkers tend to travel, the static can catch up to you and when you’re out of town and least suspect it. Well, JR Smith being a fan-favorite and man of the people didn’t protect him from running into trouble this past New Years Eve, even all the way across the country.

During an outing at a LA nightclub Greystone, Smith was involved in a altercation with Brooklyn goon Vokarondon stemming from what the popular Twitter personality deemed as the New York Knick “fronting” on him. One thing led to another and JR was allegedly socked out cold and had to be hospitalized.  He should’ve had the hitters he tweeted Brandon Jennings about on standby if you ask us.


2. Playing With A Broken Heart

While music may be pop-star Rihanna’s main forte, she is no stranger to the world of sports, having been linked to pro ball players such as Darren McFadden and Matt Kemp, among others. In May of 2012, the rumor-mill began churning with news of the talented beauty from Barbados and JR Smith getting cozy and flirting with each other in NYC nightclub, Veranda. The two started dating soon-after, with Rihanna being attracted towards Smith’s charm and bad-boy ways. But as with most flings involving the two rich, nightlife mavens, it sizzled for a quick second before flaming out.

Well, in 2013, after RiRi and JR reconnected during the 2013 NBA playoffs, some saw the singer as a distraction to Smith, who was having a dismal performance at the time in the Knicks’ second-round series against the Indiana Pacers. One disgruntled fan took to Instagram, calling out Rihanna for being the cause of JR’s recent shooting woes and, ultimately, the demise of the New York Knicks’ 2013 playoff run. Never known to be shy with speaking her mind, the Roc Nation breadwinner responded with her own barbed comment, snidely lamenting the root of Smith’s basketball problems being hangovers accumulated from his infamous love of the nightlife scene and referring to the small forward as a “desert thirsty n*gga.”


The personal shot was similar to Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson in his prime, as many fans partial to JR’s swaggy ways had never seen the baller take an L involving the ladies on such a grand stage before the IG comment that crushed the buildings. Things wouldn’t get any better for Smith, who had a dismal 2013-2014 season in which he struggled and the Knicks missed the playoffs. Although JR would later get a small taste of revenge when highlighting Rihanna’s bandwagon fan tendencies and perceived promiscuity, the battle was already lost and with the chink in his armor exposed, would never be the same.


1. Tahiry Pic

Even with the a breakout season in 2012-2013 and a number of highlights to his credit, the pinnacle of JR Smith’s time as a New York Knick actually happened off the court while dating Tahiry Jose, the calendar model and one-time girlfriend of rapper Joe Budden. The two first met nearly a decade ago during JR’s early days in the NBA, but reconnected in early 2012, began dating and soon became intimate. During a hotel visit inn March of 2012, the lady-friendly baller posted a twitpic of a woman’s ass to his Twitter account.


Even though the image itself would’ve been buzz-worthy on its own, the fact that the lovely dereirr belonged to Tahiry made it even more newsworthy and quickly went viral, much to the delight of the Twitterverse and sports media. The NBA, however, did not take too kindly to JR’s antics, fining him $25,000 for the incident. The lovebirds would eventually break it off, but the conquest stands as the stuff of internet lore and cemented JR as one of the most legendary Knicks players of all-time.

* Bonus – JR Smith pulled a Ron Artest and tried to rap once:

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