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PREMIERE: Download Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire’s Live From The Danger Room Mixtape

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“The Danger Room was my old crib where I used to record all my stuff, the ‘Huzzah’ crib. It was basically the spot. We had guns under the couch, strippers, porn stars walking around.”

That’s what Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire told us about his brand new mixtape Live From The Danger Room, his second this week. You can download it below, but it’s not your average eXquire tape. It’s more of a group project with his Passion clique – Goldie Glo, Heron, Gorgeous Black, and other affiliates. “Merry eXmas & Suck My Dick 2 was for the fans,” eX tells us over the phone. “Live From The Danger Room is for me.”

The tape, which was recorded entirely at the Danger Room, includes a song called “Ice Cups” produced by one of eX’s main producers, Constrobuz. The track was meant to be on eXquire’s next album that he plans on dropping later this year, but he left it off. The cover is a picture of the couch from the Danger Room that “mad niggas fucked on,” according to eX. The couch became a signature feature of the crib, and when they had to throw it out, eX says everyone was sad. “Like it was a person or some shit.”

Download Live From The Danger Room below, and beware – eXquire could be dropping new music on us at any point this year. Clearly, he’s reenergized. We’re just grateful.

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