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Joey Bada$$ To The White House: “We meant no harm.”


Pro Era fans everywhere saw Malia Obama’s candid selfie while rocking a Pro Era t-shirt. Joey Bada$$ saw the photo and instantly appreciated the support from President Obama’s daughter. Hours after the photo made its rounds throughout all corners of social media, the mainstream media caught wind of the situation and in turn tipped off the White House. President Obama has previously spoken on he and his wife Michelle’s decision to keep his daughters off of social media altogether. So how did the photo leak?

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The White House, along with the Secret Service I’m sure, were very interested in how the photo got out to the public, especially on social media. Gawker obtained a statement which said that the photo was from “a mutual friend of Malia and the pro era member” who posted the picture. Since it seemed like there was no malice involved, it’s unlikely that the Feds will be after the Pro Era crew.

However according to MTV, Joey took it upon himself to make a public apology to the White House via Twitter. The tweet went out early Friday morning (Jan. 9) but was later deleted.

“Shoutout to Malia for supporting the ERA. It’s very clear that we meant no harm by posting the pic. Peace to the White House!” he said.

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