Smif-N-Wessun And Da Beatminerz On Making “Bucktown” [VIDEO]

“I learned a lot of stuff making that album,” Evil Dee of Da Beatminerz says of Dah Shinin. The DJ and producer was part of the crew which included his brother Mr. Walt, Baby Paul and Rich Blak who crafted the sound of Smif-N-Wessun’s debut. “We kind of crafted our style with Dah Shinin,” adds Mr. Walt.

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A little over twenty years ago recording for Dah Shinin began at the “Dewgarde House of Hits,” the childhood home of Walt and Evil Dee in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  After creating Black Moon’s classic debut Enta Da Stage, it was where songs like “Bucktown” were conceptualized before being finished at the legendary D&D studios. But the process was not easy.

“They was taking advantage of us. We were the experiment, the guinea pigs,” Steele says jokingly of Da Beatminerz.”They figured out stuff during the Black Moon album and then said ‘Hey try this guys.’ But we ain’t care, we were gonna ride out.”

“Me and Tek butt heads on this record and we even have the same birthday,” says Mr. Walt. “That’s my man forever. But Tek and Steele hated me because when we was in the talking stages of doing the album I said ‘listen guys we can’t do that 12 o’clock midnight shit anymore. We gotta do it during the day time.”

“We kind of had full autonomy too,” admits Steele. “We didn’t know much about process per se but we were able to create freely. And that was good enough for us.” His partner Tek agrees. “The back and forth struggle and battle of it we ended up with a nice piece of material, body of work.”

Watch the full video above.

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