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Zaytoven Says A Lot Of New Artists Stem From Gucci Mane [VIDEO]

One of the South’s most sought-after producers Zaytoven spoke about Gucci Mane’s unstoppable work ethic while being incarcerated. In an exclusive interview with AllHipHop, the Atlanta producer explained how he met Gucci while he was studying to become a barber and the rest is history. Since then, he’s been able to keep in touch and work with Gucci even while incarcerated.

“This is one guy you can’t beat when it comes to work ethic,” said Zaytoven. “He can sleep for two hours a day and work for the rest of the day. He can do that for weeks out. And he can give you some good material.”

Zay also went on to say that the face of 1017 Records is one of “the best of our time” and that a lot of new artists in rap music and trap music stem from him. While it may seem like some might be biting off Guwop, Zay said that it’s become the reality of the rap game.

“He’s one of the best of our time to do this, especially rap music or trap music. I think a lot of people stem from Gucci. A lot of new artists today come from him. They take bits and pieces and bite from him, which that’s the music game. But he’s the godfather of a lot of the music that’s going on.”

Gucci, who’s government name is Radric Davis, is currently serving time for two counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Last year he pleaded guilty to the charges in order to get less time than a maximum 10-year sentence. He is expected to be released in December 2016.

Watch the interview here.

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