Kevin Garnett Ejected After Head-Butting Dwight Howard [VIDEO]

Kevin Garnett head-butt

It wasn’t nearly as entertaining as Honey Nut Cheerios-Gate of 2013, but Kevin Garnett got a rise out of Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard just the same. About halfway through the first quarter of Monday night’s game at Barclay’s Center, Howard gave the NBA’s most notorious troll a light shove after a dead ball and Garnett tossed the ball at Howard in retaliation, followed by a head-butt. Howard responded with an open-handed swing but KG was hit with double technicals, which got him tossed.

Kevin Garnett has earned a rep as being an NBA bully but it seems that Howard started this one and succeeded in getting KG ejected. The Rockets went on to beat the Nets 113-99. The teams meet again in Houston on February 27th.


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