How Jean Grae’s Lust For Deadpool Got Him Punched In The Face [VIDEO]

Jean Grae is part of an elite club of MCs who can say they’ve punched a Marvel superhero right in his grill. That club has only one member by the way (sorry Ghost and DOOM). In 2014 the lyricist and part-time assassin with the X-Men namesake talked her way into an appearance in Deadpool #25 getting knocked off her bike by the “Merc with a mouth.” In retaliation, Jean Greasy served up a knuckle flavored chimichanga cleaning Wade Wilson’s clock. So how exactly did this happen? Blame Twitter.


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“Twitter is an amazing tool and vehicle, [illustrator] Mike Hawthorne sent me a picture that he drew based on [Pharoahe Monch’s] ‘Assassins’ song and we just kind of kept in contact via Twitter,” Jean explains. “I think I’d done another interview with Strange Music and I’d talked about Deadpool and I asked Mike if he could draw me making out with Deadpool so I could tell people he’s my boyfriend. And he said ‘I can do better than that. I have a surprise for you’ and he sent me the sketch in an email and told me not to tell anybody.”

Jean held onto the secret (as any good assassin should) and soon made her Marvel Comics debut. It was just one more example of the creative kismet she has enjoyed of late.

“Everything kind of connects,” she says. “In my mind I always want to have a room—I understand that it’s mostly serial killers that have this— with the yarn and push pins connecting them to different things. That’s what this past year has been for me, just connecting things.”

Sadly, Marvel Now has announced that they will be putting the ‘dead’ in Deadpool very soon, killing off the regenerative chatterbox in upcoming issues. Jean did not take that news well, releasing a Darth Vaderesque, “NOOOOOoooooOoooooOooooOOOOOO!!!!!!” as her response to the announcement.



They’ll always have Pari…Brooklyn.

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