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Kendrick Lamar Addresses Young Black Deaths On Jonathan Emile’s “Heaven Help Dem” [LISTEN]

Kendrick Lamar has been taking a lot of heat after his comments on Ferguson, and on Jonathan Emile’s new song, “Heaven Help Dem,” K. Dot addresses the deaths of so many young black men in America:

They say the average black man only live til 25, Pac died at 25, how many kids you know dead at 20? 5? Now that’s life I know, 10 that’s crumbling in coffins, dead as a doorknob, fresh out of high school and couldn’t find no job, went straight to the grave, the Grim Reaper in love with such a tender age.”

Overall, the song is kinda meh, but Kendrick’s verse is poignant and touching as usual. Hear it above.

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