Smif-N-Wessun On The Meaning Of “P.N.C.” [VIDEO]

When Smif-N-Wessun’s debut Dah Shinin was coming to a close they took time out to give thanks for their tight circle of friends and pay respects to some of their fallen soldiers on the track “P.N.C.”

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While on the hook the duo rapped that “P.N.C.” meant “partners in crime,” the former members of the Decepticons street gang insist that it’s much more than that. Dedicated to the memory of their brother Sean Grady, aka “Rambo,” P.N.C. was more a rallying point for unity than violation.

“This is the brotherhood for us,” says Steele. “Being a part of The Decepticons, we had a legion called Power Masters. All these other guys was already the must thuggish, most savage…when we came in we could compete with the thugs and savages, but that wasn’t our nature. We were soldiers. We were starters and finishers, but we were the youngest. From there we started calling ourselves ‘Perfect Men.’ PM. Power Masters turned to PM and PM turned into PNC. Because we’re not perfect men by far, but we saw ourselves as individuals that were better than a lot of people in our circle…Rest in Peace to Rambo, because he’s one of the original PNC members.  He definitely showed us how brotherhood and comradery can make you stronger.”

“He brought us together and introduced us to Big Ole Pimp, Cookie Head, You hear his name on the album, ” Tek adds. “We all went to Graphic Arts High School in the city. That’s where it all started for us. Decepticons, PM, PNC to Dah Shining. Twenty years now, that’s full circle.It’s literally boys to men. We came into this as rowdy kids. That’s like some of these little knuckleheads life spans that’s running around here. We back at it.”

“If you are part of the family you are a partner in crime, a partner in construction, a partner in creativity,” says Steele. “This is what we’re doing to build and evolve on whoever is next. We could be the most craziest dudes but it helps us to be helpful to our comrades. This is what we brought to the game.

“Knowing that we came into the game as kids and not really having a definitive goal in here and just trying to come in and put our two cents in the best way we can, and knowing that people received us on a global level and not only us, but our team, we brought a team with us….and they rocked with us, long enough for us to be here 20 years later down the line to have this conversation…”

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