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2 Chainz Battles Fearmonger Nancy Grace On Marijuana Legalization

The legalization of marijuana has been a hot topic that various states in the U.S. have already begun to move forward with. However, there are still some stubborn pundits that continue to push a conservative agenda to keep pot illegal. A prime example of such stubbornness is Nancy Grace. The HLN host, who has a history of making outrageous remarks about race and class, had 2 Chainz stop by to talk about marijuana legalization. For whatever reason, the Atlanta rapper agreed to make the appearance but what would happen during the segment leaves one to wonder why she brought him there in the first place.

2 Chainz did not hold back on his stance about legalization and made sure to construct his views in a way her audience could understand. But throughout the show, Grace would bring up the most ignorant instances of people abusing marijuana to try and make a point. She would even use his own remarks against him almost every time he spoke. But Tity Boi stayed T.R.U through it all.

“Umm, I’m not sure if you know but everybody has the ability to get their hands on pot right now, whether it’s legal or not,” 2 Chainz tried to explain to Grace. “I just feel like if you legalize this particular drug it could cut out certain things in the criminal justice system as far as the overcrowding of prisons.”

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2 Chainz, aka Tauheed Epps, used his own experience to help make a point about how the tax payer’s money is wasted on keeping pot illegal because of how simple it is to get out of the charge. 2 Chainz was arrested last April after police found pot on his tour bus. His point was clearly valid however Grace was just not having it. She continued to press him about why he advocated for the legalization of marijuana.

On top of that, she tried to put him down for it by showing him the accounts of irresponsible parents giving their children weed. The fact that the only examples she used involved children only proves that she was trying to fear-monger her viewers and 2 Chainz by using his own views (and even his work and fame) against him.

Watch the terrible segment here.

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